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We also offer execution of low construction​ works. On projects we involve a professional and dedicated team, trained machine operators, surveying engineers, and machinery that allows us to carry out all tasks smoothly and within the deadline. For any additional information and our active participation in your projects, please send us an inquiry.

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Low Construction​ services we provide

Recognizing the challenges and tasks that precede successful low construction​ is the most important factor we dedicate ourselves to at the beginning of our work.

With the support of expertise and technical knowledge, we effectively communicate with craftsmen, engineers, and surveyors. Together, as a team, we enable you to successfully complete your low construction projects on time, whether it’s:

Successful Projects

Low Construction​ projects we have worked on

In mid-September 2020, our company began work on Phase I of the Pančevački Rit modernization project, “Modernization of the Hydrosystem – Pančevački Rit in the City of Belgrade – Phase I.”

Specifically, we started working on the canal network improvement, starting from vegetation removal along the inspection path to dredging the canals that have been facing regular maintenance issues for years.

The section our company is working on includes over 60 canals stretching from Borča to Besni Fok and the village of Vrbovski, with a total length of approximately 80km.

The machinery we use to ensure the flawless execution of this project consists of several excavators weighing between 21 and 40 tons, with standard arm lengths as well as long arms, the longest being 25m. In addition to excavators, the company also employs several bulldozers weighing 20-25 tons, a self-propelled mulcher capable of clearing woody vegetation at a rate of over 2.5ha/day, multiple trucks and dumpers for removing municipal waste and excess soil materials.

What is the price?

Prices for Low Construction​ Services

The price depends primarily on the type and scope of the work, as these requirements directly affect the number of involved experts and machines. For accurate information, it is best to contact us and obtain precise prices tailored to your project needs.

Why choose Perić Trans?

Our advantage lies primarily in our exceptionally wide range of construction machinery and equipment, state-of-the-art trucks, mobile service, skilled personnel, and prompt project realization. When necessary, we are capable of investing in specialized equipment for specific tasks, thus ensuring you and your business plan.

We successfully carry out all low construction projects by utilizing high-quality, modern equipment and a team with years of experience. We emphasize innovative problem-solving approaches, responsibility, and productivity. Our work, precise deadlines, and successful collaboration are the reasons why you can always rely on us.

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