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We make your new business opportunities easier with cost-effective and efficient construction machinery and equipment from global manufacturers that you can rent. Everything you need for precise and safe construction work can be found here.

Take a look at our complete catalog and choose the construction machinery that will make you ready and qualified for any business endeavor. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need assistance in selecting.

Wide Selection

Rental of Construction Machinery for Earthworks

We offer you a wide selection of construction machinery with high productivity and top performance for all types of earthworks. You will be provided with various attachments that will complete all of your construction tasks with a smaller number of machines. By choosing to rent construction equipment from us, you achieve more without high costs.

Rent a Excavator

The main advantage of an excavator is its flexibility and ability to adapt to different terrains and tasks. They can be used for road construction, embankments, canals, or foundations. Excavators are also useful in the recycling industry and clearing land after natural disasters.

Rent a Loader

This type of machine makes work easier due to its ability to handle materials quickly and easily. Its ability to adapt to different working conditions also helps save time and money. Loaders are irreplacable machines in many construction projects and industrial processes.

Rent a Bulldozer

An ideal machine for leveling terrain and compacting materials such as soil, gravel, and sand. The main characteristic of a bulldozer is its large and sturdy frame, designed to withstand heavy working conditions. Equipped with a large blade at the front, it is used for collecting and pushing materials.

Rent a Roller

Ideal for work on large open spaces such as airports, highways, ports, or parking lots. They can be extremely useful in urban environments for leveling and compacting asphalt on smaller surfaces such as parking lots, pathways, and pedestrian zones.

Rent a Grader

A grader is equipped with a slope indicator, enabling precise leveling of roads or terrain. Due to these characteristics, graders are often used for road construction and maintenance, leveling terrain for construction, as well as building airports or parking lots.

Rent a Dumper

Dumpers are particularly useful in situations where there is a need to quickly and efficiently transport large quantities of material, such as preparing construction sites or removing large amounts of soil. With their large load capacity, the number of trips required for material transportation is reduced, saving time and transportation costs.

Rent a Crusher

A crusher is used for crushing various types of materials such as stones, concrete, asphalt, wood, and others. It is unique in its ability to break materials into smaller pieces, increasing their usability.

Rent a Separation

A separation is a machine used to separate materials based on their size, shape, density, or other properties. It consists of a system that uses various mechanical, electrical, or magnetic forces to separate different components from mixtures. It significantly facilitates the production process and increases efficiency.

Mobile and Tower Crane Rental

Mobile cranes are ideal in situations where fast lifting and lowering of loads is required, especially on construction sites where materials are constantly being moved. On the other hand, tower cranes are ideal for large construction projects as they can lift heavier loads at greater heights.

Rent a Drilling Rig

Drilling rigs have numerous advantages, including the ability to drill holes of various diameters and depths, precision and operational efficiency, and the ability to use different types of drills. They are used in various fields, including geological exploration, mining, construction, oil, and gas industry.

Rent a Self-propelled Grader

A machine that can be used for transportation as well as leveling and smoothing of soil, gravel, stone, and other materials. It stands out for its ability to move on difficult terrain and maintain stability even on slopes.nima i održavati stabilnost i na nagibu.

Complete Offer

For a detailed range of machines available for rental, please refer to our Used-Cars catalog.

Wide Selection

Rent a Truck

Our truck rental offering is the ideal solution for budget planning, time management, and exceptional vehicle condition. You can be confident that you will meet all the requirements of your project because you have a flexible partner who is always ready to adapt to changes in terrain or job conditions.

Rent a Tipper Truck

Compared to other trucks, tipper trucks are more durable and powerful, making them an ideal choice for transporting heavy loads and materials. Additionally, it is cost-effective: by renting a tipper truck, you get fast, efficient, and secure transportation.

Rent a Tipper Truck with a Crane

Tipper trucks with cranes can be rented for various purposes, including loading and transferring different materials, goods, or equipment. Equipped with a powerful crane, they enable quick and efficient lifting of cargo and precise delivery to the destination, saving you time and money.

Rent a Tractor

Tractors are significantly more powerful than average trucks as they are primarily used to tow much larger loads than regular freight vehicles. They are used for towing trailers that do not have a front axle but rely on tractors for support.

Rent a Truck with Tipper Trailers

Trucks with tipper trailer are very useful for transporting bulk materials and other cargoes used in the construction industry. They are equipped with dump beds and various attachments that enable fast and efficient work, making them ideal for various construction projects and similar applications.

Rent a Four-Axle Tipper Truck

Four-axle tipper trucks differ from others in that they have a higher load capacity, longer length, heavier weight, but also more stability on the roads. They are usually equipped with high-quality tires, shock absorbers, and brakes to ensure safety and reliability in transportation.

Complete Offer

Complete Offer
For a detailed selection of available truck rentals, please take a look at our Used-Cars catalog.

Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment


According to your needs and mutual agreement, machines can be rented for a day, a week, or several months.


To ensure a faster and more organized construction process, we provide transportation for all rented machines.

24/7 Service

A professional and expert team is available at all times to maintain the rented construction equipment.

Additional Equipment

Attachments and a wide selection of tools for excavators in one place (buckets, hammers, grabs, and more).

Why Choose Perić Trans?

When it was necessary for our business, we started new business opportunities. Now, when the time has come for your business development, you have us by your side. We are a reliable partner with qualified experts dedicated to all the needs of your projects and terrain.

You can have complete control over construction work when you are confident that you are managing safe and well-maintained machines. Therefore, with us, you can focus on project deadlines, optimal speed, and work plan, while leaving equipment servicing and maintenance to us.

You can rent our durable construction machines and additional equipment for a day or use them for your long-term projects. Perić Trans Company strives daily to support you and beneficially impact your business and success.

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