Used Construction Machinery Sales

Find a construction machine according to your requirements and needs by browsing our sales offers. We offer well-preserved, functional, and high-quality construction equipment that will become your ideal ally for the fast and successful completion of all construction works.

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Our wide range of machinery and additional equipment is also available for purchase to equip your construction fleet. Be among the top companies in your industry and buy well-maintained, functional, and high-quality machines from renowned global brands to enhance and expand your business.

Buy a Excavator

Excavators greatly facilitate work by enabling quick and efficient excavation of soil and other materials, reducing the need for manual digging and moving. Additionally, excavators can be equipped with various attachments and tools that increase their flexibility, precision, and functionality.

Buy a Loader

Loaders are recognizable for their front buckets, which enable fast and efficient work in various conditions. They can be used in different construction projects for handling large quantities of materials, significantly reducing the time required to complete a project.

Buy a Bulldozer

Bulldozers are most commonly used on construction sites for land preparation and road construction, but they can also be used in other industries. The main advantage of bulldozers is their ability to move through rough terrains and handle large amounts of material in a short period.

Buy a Roller

Rollers are used to compact large masses of earth and stone materials to stabilize soil, stone, concrete, or asphalt and provide long-lasting surface stability. With rollers, the speed of work execution increases, costs are reduced, and soil quality improves.

Buy a Grader

They have the ability to level large land surfaces on flat ground or slopes with excellent precision, which is important for road construction, runways, canals, and other infrastructure projects. Compared to other construction machinery, they have a longer and flatter axle.

Buy a Dumper

Dumpers are used for transporting various types of materials and are unique in having a large loading space and specially designed body that allows easy loading and unloading of cargo.

Buy a Crusher

The advantages of crushers include rapid crushing of large quantities of materials, reducing transportation and waste disposal costs, improving the quality of crushed materials, and thereby increasing their market value.

Buy a Self-propelled Scraper

A highly flexible machine that can perform various tasks on construction sites, such as material transport, land leveling, or pipe laying. In addition, its advantages include easy operation and adaptability to different working conditions.

Buy a Mobile and Tower Crane

The use of cranes significantly facilitates work as they are efficient and ensure the lifting of heavy objects to great heights. The advantage of mobile cranes is their mobility, while tower cranes are more stable and capable of lifting heavier loads and reaching greater heights.

Buy a Drilling Rig

They are used for drilling vertical and horizontal holes in the ground, and are particularly significant because they can penetrate very hard soil, rocks, and formations, making them highly useful for specific job requirements.

Buy a Separation

Separations are essential machines for successful separation of different materials by size and weight, enabling more efficient and economical use of various resources in processes such as recycling, mining, and construction.

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Truck Sales

Meet our complete range of trucks and choose the ones that best suit your performance needs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us to get all the necessary information before making a purchase decision.

Our offer is exclusively designed to provide you with impeccably maintained trucks.

Buy a Tipper Trucks

A special type of vehicle used for transporting and unloading various materials, including gravel, sand, soil, rocks, concrete, construction waste, as well as different types of goods such as wood, iron, and other products. Equipped with a hydraulic mechanism, they allow for raising the rear part of the vehicle and unloading the cargo.

Buy a Tipper Trucks with Crane

Tipper trucks with cranes can be used for loading and transporting various materials, goods, or equipment. When the terrain is rough or has a soft surface, they are an excellent choice for loading and unloading. The truck’s crane enables quick and efficient lifting of the cargo and precise delivery to the destination.

Buy a Truck

Tractor trucks are used for transporting and loading large quantities of materials and objects from one point to another. Characterized by the absence of a cargo space and only having a special hitch for attaching a semi-trailer, they are ideal for hauling heavy loads.

Trucks with Tipper Trailers for Sale

Trucks with Tipper Trailers are used for transporting various loads, including bulk materials such as sand, gravel, soil, and other materials. They can be utilized for transporting different types of cargo at construction sites, mines, industrial facilities, and similar locations.

Four-Axle Tipper Trucks for Sale

Four-axle tipper trucks are vehicles with four axles, enabling them to carry heavy loads over long distances. They are specially designed to have a large load capacity, stability, and durability while being adaptable to different terrain conditions.

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Why Choose Perić Trans?

There are various tasks that will require much more strength, dedication, and dynamism from you. When we personally experienced these demands and market changes 23 years ago, we responded to all of that with a up-to-date service, namely the sale of used construction machinery.

If you find yourself in a similar situation now, where you are expected to turn to heavy machinery, then buying it should be your next step. In the long run, purchasing construction equipment is significantly more cost-effective. In addition, having a good knowledge of your own equipment can be a major advantage over the competition.

As we ourselves have experienced the importance of these benefits, when you’re ahead of the competition, we always have high-quality construction machinery available for you.

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