International Transport

We offer you 100 modernly equipped sets of Euro 6 class trucks and semi-trailers for transporting all types of goods in temperature-controlled conditions. We cover transportation in Serbia, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Russia. Send us an inquiry and find out all the necessary information for your supply needs.

50 Frigo Trucks

40 Liquid Food Staff Tankers

10 Tilt Trailers

Professional Equipment

All vehicles for international transport are equipped with the latest devices

We focus on your business and organization, which is why each of our sets is equipped with the latest technology. This way, all clients have constant access to information about the vehicle’s location and parameters, and more importantly, the real-time status and temperature of the cargo.

Satellite tracking, 10 years of temperature record-keeping, and comprehensive CMR insurance provide additional guarantees for delivering your goods safely to the desired destination.

In addition, all trailers have ATP certificates and sensor calibration certificates, which are performeg anually.

Our Specialization

We are highly specialized in the transport of food and medications

By continuously improving and following market and client needs, we constantnly enhance the quality of our services. This has directed us towards professional and technological advancements in the transport of food and medications.

As both industries require continuous monitoring and high security for goods, we have devoted our attention to the necessary certifications and logistics services in the cold chain.

In order to provide you with excellent transportation services, we have obtained the following certificates: ISO, IFS, GDP for food transport, and pharma certificate for medication transport.

Safety is our top priority

We pay special attention to food safety in international transport

To cover all client and cargo needs, together with frigo trucks, liquid food staff tankers, and tilt trailers, we also offer double-deck refrigerated trucks and dual-zone refrigerated trucks.

Given that food products are time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive goods, we have covered ourselves with all the necessary equipment, depending on the origin and nature of the food.

Since engines, systems, and maintaining the cold chain are crucial for the highest quality transport, adhering to all HACCP characteristics is our primary focus.

Professional Drivers

All our drivers have undergone special training according to the highest standards.

Each step along the cold chain requires exceptional expertise and knowledge to preserve product quality and shelf life. Proper handling of temperature-sensitive products is a practice we require from each employee.

We place special emphasis on training our staff, starting from the cleaning and disinfection processes of the loading area to strictly controlled temperature regimes during transport.

Our trained drivers and GDP managers are constantly informed and available to provide information about the progress of the transport.

What is the price?

International Transport Pricing

The price varies based on a wide range of factors, such as distance and connectivity of geographical locations, routes, cargo, time, communication, as well as legal and regulatory costs. To reach your ultimate destinations quickly and safely, contact us. Together, we will create ideal conditions for all your international transports.

Cena medjunarodnog transporta
International Transport

International Transport

Our experienced team with practical and scientific knowledge, extensive knowledge of the European network, and strong relationships with successful clients put us in a position to offer you the highest quality international transport services at any time.

Need help? Contact us!

Director of International Transport (liquid food staff tankers)

Branka Šljivić

Phone: 064 815 2001

Key account manager (frigo trucks)

Tamara Berber

Phone: 064 815 2070
Phone: 011 316 5909

Key account manager (frigo trucks)

Neven Vuletić

Phone: 064 815 2040
Phone: 011 316 5909

Key Account Manager (tilt trailers)

Živko Vidaković

Phone: 064 815 2002
Phone: 011 316 5909